Monday, December 1, 2014

The Time is NOW!

Today, Google began accepting $10 deposits. Google has divided Dawson Neighborhood into 5 separate regions, and each needs to make their goal for fiber installations to begin there. If Google does not have enough deposits by the deadline (June 4), then someone else will get their Gigabit Fiber first!

Log in to Google using your main email account, go to to check your address, and then click the "Sign Up By June 4th" button to begin!

Don't Wait! Do It Now!

I spoke with Google Fiber Customer Service this afternoon, and they were really great! Our call got dropped and they actually called me right back!

Some updates on the pricing; the "free" Basic tier will be charged a bit of tax on either the lump $300 installation fee, or the 12 equal payments during the first year. It'll be about $27/mo. The Gigabit Tier is billed at a flat $70/mo with no fees or taxes. The TV Tier is billed additional monthly taxes and fees which are imposed on all television subscribers.

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