Thursday, October 2, 2014

Actual construction spotted nearby!

One of our own neighbors spoke with a construction crew located at South 1st at South Center St, who confirmed that they were installing the delicious Google Fiber! In fact, they said that most of the utility (linework?) work in the area was for Google Fiber. That intersection is a block inside the interior of Galindo Neighborhood, right next to Dawson. So, this blog didn't succeed in getting our fiber first, but we wish our nearby neighbors well. We're getting much closer now.

Thanks to "Anonymous" for the information on newer work permits.

The following is a re-post of my comments in the Dawson Neighborhood forum and mailing list on

In other news today, Time Warner customers may have gotten a postcard recently saying they were getting a "free upgrade". Our 15Mbps service is now 21Mbps... not exactly 3x faster as promised. That's only 40% faster, not 300%. This will bite them on the hiney since now we'll all know exactly how degraded our cables are. Also, we know the cables to our house are capable of 32Mbps since they forgot to cap our modem's download speed when it was first installed. I have run a speed test every evening for about 4 years now.

Even if you ARE getting much faster speeds, don't be satisfied! They're only doing this because Google Fiber is on the verge of being rolled out. And think about the fact that their specious "generosity" only comes at the last possible second.

So here's the breakdown between the two services: TWC @ "up to" 50Mbps: $54/mo + $7/mo to "rent" the modem = roughly $1.22 per Mbps. Upload speed is much slower at 2-4Mbps

Google Fiber @ 1000Mbps (1 Gigabit per second): $80/mo = $.08/Mbps.That's less than 1/15th the price. And Google is doing this while building a whole new network ON THEIR DIME, not the taxpayer's. Oh, and the upload speed is 1000Mbps too. 

If $80/mo is out of your budget, why not split the bill with your next door neighbor? I would be delighted to help you run a cable over to them or set up wifi. Google is also offering a "free" tier of 5Mbps which will be maintained for 7-12 years after installation. You just pay for the installation which can be broken into 12 $25/mo payments in the first year.

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